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FOSS Ka Kura in Acme Engineering College

On 9th September 9, 2012 an event FOSS Ka Kura was organized in Acme Engineering College. B.E Computer (batch 2008) organized this event in co-ordination with FOSS Nepal Community. A total of 50 students including 6 faculty were also present in this event.
At sharp 10:00 AM, the event kicked off with me (Spandan Pradhan) introducing myself and about the event. Then followed the introduction of our presenters Hempal Shrestha and Prakash Neupane, who in turn started their presentation with mass introduction of individual student.
In FOSS Ka Kura, there were lots of new and interesting things were presented, starting from a simple question “what and where software is?” Later there was discussion on differences between Firmware, Freeware, adware and etc. The definition of FOSS by Hempal Shrestha was so crystal clear and simple that contained 4 words (Use, Study, Modify, Distribute) which also answered some of the queries about “Why FOSS? . We also came to know that Software Freedom Day (SFD) is being celebrated in Nepal since 2005 AD and Nepal has been recognized 3 times in a row with best event in world.
About SFD celebration, Prakash Neupane explained us in detail. We came to know that there were teams working in co-ordination for 15th September, 2012.

  • Event Coordination
  • Finance Team
  • College coordination
  • Webcast and internet
  • Fossials/candle light solidarity
  • ISO Team, Documentation team
  • Artwork team
  • Material team
  • Media relationship

The different activities happening on SAP falcha, Babbar Mahal are

  • FOSS ka kura
  • Goods {dvd, tshirt, stickers…}
  • TB/GB sata sat
  • FOSSials = FOSS Socials
  • Candle light/solidarity
  • Distro/demo/projects/drill/troubleshoot
  • Presentations/documentaries/movies
  • Open chautari
  • Foss incuvation center
  • freedom toaster

SFD is being celebrated on 15th September, 2012 in two ways. That is collective event and college event. The collective event is happening on SAP falcha, Babbar Mahal and different college event is happening on
Amrit Science Campus (Kathamandu)
Kathmandu University (KU)