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Leave No Trail

I bought time for you
Hurry up! kiss me one more time
No one’s here to see
No one here will believe you.

You take my Guitar
I will take your drums
All night we will play the music
Just the way you like it.

Come and go
Leave no trail
Before the sunrise show
We dissolve in the air.


same dream

We both might have shared the same dream
Why not lets make a team
And watch it together
Lets start with forever

We gonna get some crazy
Its just the starting baby
Let’s drink life
And live like once upon a time.

Just Hang In There

Just hang in there
I’ll come for sure
Months have passed
Just left is some years

I got to stand on my feet
To bend my knees
Then ask you out
And I’ll shout-it-out loud.

To make a living
I got to be far from you
I know you are so forgiving
When I come back, I’ll make it up to you.

(This one goes out TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN)
-Spandan Pradhan

I want to be found

Running in circle
east to the west
seeking your soul
I follow your sound

Now m in the crowd
Hearing strange sounds
One of which is you
I breathe and I feel .

May be you will hear me someday
Someday you will come around
May be that someday is today
I want to be found.

(Inspired by August Rush movie)

Coz U Know Me All

I’ve run out of words
Can’t you read my eyes?
Do I have to say?
Those 3 magical words.
Coz u know me all.

You feel comfortable with me
And I with you
I can feel your heartbeat by touching you
And I am sure you too
Coz u know me all

I didn’t propose you.
You didn’t say yes.
But we are still together
Isn’t that a miracle?
I was half empty
You complete me all.
Coz u know me all.

I told you before I am a book.
I would like to be read.
The moment I stop loving you
I would like to be dead.
Coz u know me all.