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Password Protection : Things to do before die

The sub-topic was just for humor. Well, Password protection for sure falls under the things-to-do lists. We often ignore it’s importance , but should never underestimate.
To protect access to the computer, every user account should have a password. Following are the course of action or advices to choose a strong password:-

1.Always assign a password to the Administrator account to prevent unauthorized access to the account.

2.Define whether the Administrator or the users will control passwords.In most cases users should control their passwords.

3.Use passwords that are hard to guess. For example, avoid using passwords with an noticeable association, such as family member’s name. Using real name, a username, or a company names makes for an easy-to-guess password. Avoid using common passwords such as “letmein” or “password” or same password as user’s name.

4.Using common dictionary word makes you exposed to automated programs that are designed to guess passwords.

5.Using any password that you write down or that you share with someone else is not secure.

6.Passwords can contain up to 128 characters, a minimum length of 8 characters is recommended.

7.Include both UPPERCASE and lowercase letters, numbers and valid non alphanumeric characters(such a punctuation).

8.Using no password at all is not a good practice because in an unsecured computer users easily can just walk in and log on.

9.Length, complex, variation and variety are the four things to consider while creating a strong password.

10.Complex passwords are secure, but if user’s find it difficult to remember, then an alternative way can be to use pass phrase like a sentence or two.

11.For example : Complex password : C0mplexP@$$w0rd
Pass phrase: A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Test the strength of your passwords here

Some more references Google and Microsoft