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My view on Mozilla South Asia Inter-Community Meetup

Since I broke my leg and had to rest for almost a month, the laziness had been eating my mind slowly. So, as soon as i heard that there was a Mozilla Inter -Community meetup on the occasion of Open Data Day, I sprung into action. I told my legs lets go buddy — and indeed it was a fruitful event.
Different Mozilla communities from South Asia like Mozilla India, Mozilla Srilanka, Mozilla Bangladesh, Mozilla Pakistan were in deep community interactions, presentations, Q & A’s, Demo’s too.
I came to know that there were different activities planned as today was Open Data Day 2012. The activities were

  1. Presentation on Open Data
  2. Open Data Hackathon
  3. Mapathon
  4. Wikithon
  5. Localization Sprint
  6. Open Data Stalls
  7. and

  8. Mozilla Public Event

I happen to attend the last event of the day, actually second last (will talk about it later). I was excited to attend this event, not because just THE Mozilla the Web Browser but because of the local community heroes from different countries including Nepal. Yes, I happen to be a big Community fan, “sharing is caring” is what i believe. Heroes are not the one’s who fight villains and save heroines (i used plural here because in community there’s more than one), but the one’s who contribute to the community whether it be technical or non-technical.

There was an interactive session with the Mozilla Community Members which started community introduction. Later “B2G (Firefox OS) apps development” live demo presentation was shown. Pardon my mistakes, but it takes me a while to remember names,so i don’t remember the presenters name (let’s say them HEROES). So the heroes shared a lot to us.
Some key point i understood (see + hear) are :

  • Mozilla has partnered with a Spanish company and for hardware specification with ZTE to avoid complications using Firefox OS
  • You can install Firefox OS Simulator add-on to work on Firefox OS and the shortcut key is SHIFT+F2.
  • to look into the future of web API, you can visit http://www.arewemobileyet.com.
  • Some more Mozilla products like Mozilla webmaker, X-ray goggles, pop corn maker were also introduced to us
  • I thought pop corn maker was a device to make pop corn — until now, but (jokes apart) i came to know that its a tool to interact with video like never before.
  • Also most importantly about the localization part, i knew that Nepali localization of Firefox OS has been completed, although it’s in development phase we can try it out.

For the unofficial (backstage) Q&A, i asked Mozilla India community friend, about my Queries and he answered my queries with examples, short stories including the gesture and posture too. (jokes apart) i enjoyed the free & frank conversation.

last event
And yeah! how can we forget the Tech Guru’s (LOL intended) Mr. Hempal Shrestha and Mr. Prakash Neupane who kidnapped (not actually) us into a room for another interactive session by saying ” LET’S TAKE A GROUP PICTURE”. Well this was the most interactive session where actually something was written on white board (haha), funny too and moving around one question. Everyone expressed their views (with words and debates too) and the white board was full of points.