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Relief Collection for Saptari Fire Victims with Miss Nepal 2012

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 – With the tag line of “ together we can” , an event “relief collection for saptari fire victims” was organized by Miss Nepal 2012. Miss Nepal World – Shristi Shrestha, Miss Nepal Earth – Nagma Shrestha and Miss Nepal International – Subekshya Khadka were the 3 ladies behind this great deed. This event was organized in response to the wildfire that started in Raipur VDC (Village Development Committee) of Saptari district in which nearly 77 houses were burnt.

From 5 pm to 7 pm , these ladies stood in Basantapur, Kathmandu Durbar Square with microphone in hand and smile on face, carrying a donation box asking for any kind of donation. Money, clothes, food … anything one Nepalese can donate to another Nepalese in need. Well at first it was a bit awkward moment for people to come-to-front and donate, but later people started donating freely and heartily with whatever they have. Those people who hadn’t been pre-informed about the event were donating money on-the-spot and those people who knew about the event brought money and clothes too. As minutes turned into hours, more and more bags of clothes and money started to come in. Their names were called from microphone those who donated.

883481_10151310298135723_392507297_oI really enjoyed today’s evening doing some bit for the Relief Cause of fire victims in Saptari at Basantapur. It feels so good from the inside of my heart to be one of those noble people helping for the good cause which I think purifies our mind and soul. It was great to see Miss Nepal 2012’s Shristi Shrestha,Nagma Shrestha and Subhekshya Khadka coming out in the public and working together for collecting donations for those victims. I salute these women who are so bold enough to carry on these good works not only in papers but in real world. I think this message will serve as a motivation and brings that X-factor to push our Nepalese women further to get involved in such social works in future.

To cover this noble and humble deed into an article for my news website meroudayapur.com , I along with my friend waited till 7 pm to finish. Beauty being the default charm, the Miss Nepal 2012’s were kind enough to give us a short interview too.

Interview with Miss Nepal World 2012 Shristi Shrestha
Shristi said that she was very content after seeing the response and support of Nepalese towards this donation collection campaign. She with nagma and subekshya discussed about this event and without much planning and just with a flex printing , they hopped on the bus. It started event information on Facebook page of Miss Nepal and a confident smile on their faces. Within a short time, Miss Nepal decided to do this event on-the-spot. Kernel Min Dhwoj Khadka, father of Miss Nepal Internation Subekchya Khadka also attended the event to support his daughter’s cause. He also wished shristi for her strong team and asked to continue the effort.

891916_10151310299625723_504079557_oWe asked Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha about her further plans,efforts and issues that will be addressed? She told us about her involvement in human traffing cause, she felt strong about human and child rights since she was a kid, she regularly goes to street children shelter homes and orphan ages and wants to continue wok in this field. She feels that in Nepal women and children are the more vulnerable ones.

She thanked meroudayapur.com and appreciated that we waited for a long time. She shared her views on today’s youth with us and said that she felt really glad that today’s youth are not only focused on their career but also working together for people who are not as privileged as us.

Interview with Miss Nepal International 2012 Nagma Shrestha

“A little help from your side, can make others smile”
Through these words Nagma Shrestha urged every Nepali standing there to donate to their fellow Nepalese brothers and sisters of Raipur VDC wildfire victims, who are in need of help and support. She talked about her involvement in social events , some community forest projects, alternative energy project. She is also the goodwill ambassador for IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature). She also represented Nepal by participating in Miss Earth.

In response to our query about the delivery processing of collected donations, Nagma Shrestha informed us about talks being going on with Rabindra Mishra of Red Cross and Help Nepal network. Also, the 3 “beauty with brain” Miss Nepal will be personally handing over the collected goods to wildfire victims in Raipur VDC of Saptari district.

885963_10151310294910723_664872162_oWe also asked a question from technical part that “ Why was this limited to a Facebook event and not promoted through official website of Miss Nepal 2012?”. Nagma Shrestha acknowledged the importance of IT(Information Technology) and websites. She told us that life is a lesson and we go on learning. She also talked about women issues (referring to Occupy Baluwatar movement) that not just shouting slogans but creating awareness is equally important.
Lastly,she quoted,

Well done is better than well said