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New Course BSc. CSIT launched in Biratnagar

Students of Biratnagar are recently very excited and happy because of launch of new course BSc. CSIT. Around 5 colleges have been giving advertisement in local newspapers, some with classic black and white and some with color. This 4 year/8 semester course under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University has been creating a hype in this industrial city.

  1. Birat Multiple College
  2. Nihareeka College
  3. Birat Khsitiz College

are some of the colleges offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology.

Also, B.Sc. Microbiology has been introduced from this year.

But, the question remains ???

Will the education quality be maintained. Are the teachers qualified enough to teach or just random computer institute teachers (no pun intended!). Why need of another course  when there already is BE Computer run by Purbanchal University and Easter College of Engineering dominating the scene. But, the good thing is that now students don’t have to go migrate to Kathmandu in the name of higher studies. There is now an option, but the choice is yours.

What about entrance exam ?

Most of the college’s are closing form submissions on last of bhadra 2070 and entrance exam date on first week of Ahsoj 2070. With 24 seats this course promises to be of 126 credit hours.