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ICT and Climate Change

Nepal Russia ICT Society does a monthly event called Technology Transfer and this month’s (February 2012) episode was on ICT and climate change. Strange as it sounds (in Nepal), the topic was something that should concern every IT and Non IT People and Professionals.

I almost missed this event and was in dilemma because, i arrived venue before time (actually 1 hour earlier). Dilemma in the sense that I along with my 4 other friends reached Russian Culture Center but neither banners was hung nor the hosts had arrived. The funniest part was that my friends had placed a bet to beat me up if the program doesn’t happen. All thanks to the 33 crores gods and goddess, who saved me and the program started at 05:15 pm.

kiran khanal sirBefore the ICT and Climate Change presentation, there was a short,sweet,quick and informative presentation on “Android Development Overview“, by Kiran khanal, Coordinator, Kantipur City College(KCC). I could only note down few things on my diary. The highlights were :

  1. Android is free open source.
  2. Why Android? – Because transferring application to phone is trivial – can distribute by putting it on the web – Android Market for wider distribution.
  3. Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo and IceCreamSandwich are the releases of Android Mobile Operating System .
  4. According to a survey in 2012, Android 2.3.3 is the most used Mobile OS among Android family.
  5. discussed shortly about the Android Architecture.
  6. Advantage of Mobile OS -always with user, -typically have Internet access, -typically have GPS enabled, -typically have accelerometer and compass, -most have camera’s and microphones, -many apps are free or low cost
  7. Disadvantage were -limited screen size, -limited battery, -limited processor speed, -limited and sometimes slow network access
  8. Development process for android app including setup, development, debugging and testing, publishing
  9. Apps are built using java and new SDK’s (Software Development Kit)
  10. Requires $25 to publish app in android market.

Some links for references:

ICT and Climate Change
Achyuta Nand MishraMr. Achyuta Nanda Mishra, Assistant Director, Nepal Telecommunications Authority presented a paper on this topic. He indicated the climate change and its relationship with ICT sector. I noted a point that read, ” energy sector is responsible for about (3/4)th of total carbon di oxide emissions. He talked about how ICT positively contributes to climate change by making business more efficient and less polluting, by reducing energy required for productivity in various areas, facilitating monitoring and modelling of climate change, etc.

Negatively too ICT contributes in climate change by releasing Green House Gases (GHG), from 2 to 2.5 percent of GHG is contributed by ICT sector. He explained to us, how mitigating impact can be done by improvement in energy efficiency, increase use of renewal energy,cisco device is also an example of device that helps in resource utilization, reducing travel requirements. He also informed us that Nepal Telecom is bringing forward the concept of resource sharing with other Operators to contribute in climate change positively.

The Master of Ceremony Prakash Neupane conducted the event in which more than 60 representatives of Kathmandu IT institutions and colleges took part in the program. After the presentation the speaker answered various queries raised by the participants and lastly group photo following tea-biscuit session.