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Acme Mozilla Orientation

August 2, 2013

First of all Thank you Mozilla Nepal Team who were present at the event today.

  • Avash Mulmi
  • Prashish Rajbhandari
  • Avinash Kundaliya
  • Bansaj Pradhan
  • Nirmal Khanal

By the time I reached on the event, I had already missed the first half, but the main twist in story was in the second half. The Mozilla Team were giving a collaborative presentation, i guess that’s also an example of open web. By collaborative i mean, all 5 cool dudes coordinating on one presentation.

There were moments today like laughter in comedy circus, avash got lost in mac book pro, back-to-back queries from audience(students) of Diploma students of Acme Engineering College, president of AOSC Nikesh Balami laptop wallpaper, Avinash leaving early from the event. All in all, today’s event was supposed to be focused around Webmaker. But the event turned out to be much more than that where localization, visual design, documentation and writing, coders, system admin etc were discussed.

Firefox OS is coming

Localization demo was shown, which created more excitement in students with eyes and ears open. Prakash Neupane, Bansaj, benji were some of the names recognized as top contributors. Raw-bin Tamang as his Facebook profile name says, he knew from today’s event that “Mozilla, now is no more only a web browser” and many more new.

Some points to remember from today’s event had been listed below:

  1. Gaia is on top “of” Gecko and Gecko is a rendering engine.
  2. For now we don’t need a demo phone like geeks phone, there is Firefox OS simulator which is available as add-on in Firefox browser.
  3. With HTML5, CSS and JavaScript helps us build apps for Firefox OS and also can customize User Interface
  4. hardware dependency i.e, if android runs on a smartphone then Firefox OS too runs.
  5. Everything is documented on Mozilla Developers Network
  6. To get started Visit https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Apps/Getting_Started
  7. If you want to support Mozilla, also called SuMo visit and see from what part from where you are standing can contribute

President of Acme Open Source Community Nikesh Balami took suggestion from the students for whether to do a next event on webmaker like workshops.