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Software Freedom Day 2015


SFD2015 featured image

On 19th September 2015 with the theme of “Software Freedom to promote Entrepreneurship”, Software Freedom Day 2015 was celebrated at Nepal Engineering Association, Harihar Bahwan, in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Venue Map

Participants from different college and institutions, presenters and ITGuru’s showed their support toward freedom of Software. With new team taking responsibility of the event, there were few glitches with venue and event information flow but as they say ” all well, ends well”. By the second last event of table talk , all were pretttty impressed with the event , including me.


SFD2015 event schedule

Different stalls from previous SFD’s and community stalls from different open communities kept the SFD charm glowing. A pool of open source enthusiast, presenters and media consultants made the environment like tech buddies getTogether. The neutral approach of openness from presenters was great like, “Linux is not an alternative”.

photo source : Nikesh Balami Tweets

photo source : Nikesh Balami Tweets

The Last event at Round Table Discussion was the most interesting part of the event for me. 60% if the visitors stayed and discussion started following the introduction. Students from Kathmandu University Open Source Community (KUOSC), Acme Open Source Community (AOSC), Open Source Ascol Community (OSAC), Gandaki Engineering College, Kantipur City College, Living With ICT, Wikipedia Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Local Development Committee and FOSS sat at the discussion table.

Key suggestion areas were:

  • less information flow about the SFD 2015 event
  • involvement of FOSS and other open source community representatives outside valley.
  • revive/reboot of FOSS Ka Kura
  • follow up team at Local government body across country
  • why open source software not included in school and college level curriculum
  • social media Vs google groups

Lastly, Congratulations to the Organizing team and volunteers for doing such a wonderful and responsible event.

SFD group snap

and … Happy Constitution yay !!!!!! Nepal Nepal Nepal


Software Freedom Day 2013 Orientation Program at Acme Engineering College

August 14, 2013

Flashback of SFD2012 orientation program ran through my memories, as I started speaking in the event today. With 37 students and 4 teaching faculty, the event kicked off at 11:15 am, where I had the opportunity of welcoming Acme Engineering College

  • Vice Principal Dharmendra Mishra sir
  • HOD Sarad Poudel sir
  • Er.Dipesh Bista sir and
  • Salina Manandhar mam

and our guests from FOSS Nepal Community

  • Hempal Shrestha and
  • Prabin Gautam.

Before formally starting the event, Vice Principal Dharmendra Mishra sir gave a speech on the behalf of Acme Engineering College. Everybody including me was floored by such inspiring words of Dharmendra sir. As always I felt the hunger and search for path showing words to keep growing. AOSC was able to receive appreciation and positive comments from sir and gave us Thumbs Up.

With good grades, being technically sound is also equally important.
– VP, Dharmendra Mishra

Mr.Prabin Gautam and Mr.Hempal Shrestha, the duo- fossians started the next and main presentation of today’s program. As per the agenda of today’s event and keeping audience/students in mind, the program flow was balanced. As there were new faces, the duo first of all talked about Introduction of FOSS, its definition and ecosystem too. Technology is a means, but as a student, integration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) could be meaningful. An animated video of CHOICE was shown, and i guess what was hint to FREEDOM OF CHOICE, which explains concept of FOSS.

Software should not control us, but we should control software
-Prabin Gautam

When Mr.Prabin shared that software exists in 3 states, all I was thinking of Solid, Liquid and Gas (jokes apart), which wasn’t totally irrelevant I guess. Binary Code, Source code, and Documentation were the 3 states in actual. Importance of foss mixed with short and sweet experience of Kathmandu University (K.U) graduate Mr.Prabin, gave a clear view of now and then scenario. Just because the software called Free , doesn’t mean there’s no licensing system. Of course there is, and some of them are:

  • General Public License (GPL)
  • BSD License
  • Mozilla Public License
  • Apache License
  • Sun community License
  • and more …

Torch light now shifted to final agenda that is, Introduction to Software Freedom Day (SFD) and Planning for upcoming Software Freedom Day 2013. It is being celebrated on 5th Ashoj 2070 (21st September 2013) at venue Pragya Pratishthan, Kamaladi. Every year SFD has a theme, this years theme is FOSS IN EDUCATION. How foss as a tool can contribute in ICT would be the main motto. Technical presentation, distro demo, nirvikalpa 4.0, GB/TB Sata Sat, ediathon wikipedia nepal, are some of the glimpses of whats happening on D-Day. And these are the Teams working for Software Freedom Day 2013 Celebration in Nepal
Around 40-50 different individual open source communities in around 10 cities in Nepal will be celebrating सफ्टवेर स्वतन्त्रता दिवस including:

  • FOSS Nepal
  • Mozilla Nepal
  • Nepali Wikipedia
  • IOE FOSS Community
  • NOSK (Nepal Open Source Klub, NCIT)
  • OSAC (Open Source Ascol Circle)
  • OSM Nepal (Open Street Map Nepal)
  • KATH-FOSS Community
  • KCC FOSS Community
  • Acme Open Source Community (AOSC)

In case students want to contact or be in touch with more and more Fossians:
Website : wiki.fossnepal.org
irc channel : #foss-nepal
twitter : @foss-np
facebook : http://www.facebook.com/FOSSnp

Mr. Hempal Shrestha asked students to get involved in the SFD teams, share and gain knowledge and experience. Also, Discussion on Linux Terminal Server Project (LISP)deployment in Sindhupalchowk and many other areas was done. Training for trainers is done first, then only go for deployment of LTSP is done.

Lastly, Nikesh Balami, Rabin Tamang and me(Spandan Pradhan) gave combined presentation on Introduction of Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) and events that was held so far. Moment of the day was when one of the slides said, we want women. As if Double Meaning was implemented, later the issue was crystal clear to be Girls in ICT. Also Mr. Prabin Gautams saying brought full clarity.
If a man is educated he only educates himself but if the woman is educated whole family is educated.

Sanjok Bhatta (MSP Alumini) asked his query on LTSP training and its how toes, in which Head Of Department, Sarad Poudel sir supported saying, as per students interest and proposal, college management will be happy to provide resources needed.

Also I would like to thank Microsoft Student Partners 2014 (Paras Maharjan and Manisha Lama) and AcIT club president Zoshan Gurung for their presence and all teachers and students for attending the event and making it fruitful.

Acme Mozilla Orientation

August 2, 2013

First of all Thank you Mozilla Nepal Team who were present at the event today.

  • Avash Mulmi
  • Prashish Rajbhandari
  • Avinash Kundaliya
  • Bansaj Pradhan
  • Nirmal Khanal

By the time I reached on the event, I had already missed the first half, but the main twist in story was in the second half. The Mozilla Team were giving a collaborative presentation, i guess that’s also an example of open web. By collaborative i mean, all 5 cool dudes coordinating on one presentation.

There were moments today like laughter in comedy circus, avash got lost in mac book pro, back-to-back queries from audience(students) of Diploma students of Acme Engineering College, president of AOSC Nikesh Balami laptop wallpaper, Avinash leaving early from the event. All in all, today’s event was supposed to be focused around Webmaker. But the event turned out to be much more than that where localization, visual design, documentation and writing, coders, system admin etc were discussed.

Firefox OS is coming

Localization demo was shown, which created more excitement in students with eyes and ears open. Prakash Neupane, Bansaj, benji were some of the names recognized as top contributors. Raw-bin Tamang as his Facebook profile name says, he knew from today’s event that “Mozilla, now is no more only a web browser” and many more new.

Some points to remember from today’s event had been listed below:

  1. Gaia is on top “of” Gecko and Gecko is a rendering engine.
  2. For now we don’t need a demo phone like geeks phone, there is Firefox OS simulator which is available as add-on in Firefox browser.
  3. With HTML5, CSS and JavaScript helps us build apps for Firefox OS and also can customize User Interface
  4. hardware dependency i.e, if android runs on a smartphone then Firefox OS too runs.
  5. Everything is documented on Mozilla Developers Network
  6. To get started Visit https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Apps/Getting_Started
  7. If you want to support Mozilla, also called SuMo visit and see from what part from where you are standing can contribute

President of Acme Open Source Community Nikesh Balami took suggestion from the students for whether to do a next event on webmaker like workshops.

Acme Open Source Community Launching Event

Today 14th june 2013 was the Launching event of Acme Open Source Community, also called ASOC shortly. Although the event was said to be start at 7 AM, the event started an hour late. The presenters from different open source community had already arrived right on time. Nevertheless, the huge attendance of students made the wait worth it. The seats were full and the hall was packed, so called house-full. Not only students but teaching faculties and honorable Principal sir’s presence showed the high interest on opening ceremony of this community.


There were 5 Open Source communities. They are listed below:

  1. OpenDRI Nepal
  2. Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKFN)
  3. Wikimedia Nepal
  4. Open Source ASCOL Community (OSAC)
  5. FOSS Nepal

OpenDRI Nepal

Nama Raj Budhathoki sir gave his presentation on “An Overview of Open Street Map (OSM)” . He started his slide with an incomplete list of Social Media Timeline which took us back in history from postal service that started in Persia around 550 BC to today’s Twitter 2006 AD. He gave some really important and informative insights on ongoing Open Street Mapping. In OSM, new information can be added and mistakes can be corrected, and zooming in gives in depth details. Log on to website of OSM to know more.
OSM concept started from london UK as a student’s project. Due to limitations of paying for data collection , that student thought of making a free(open) map of the world. He left his studies and started the project in 2004 AD. After London, Europe and many other countries, now its functioning in Nepal too.


Some key points from his presentation were:

  • OSM works on Open Source software
  • currently mapping of school, colleges, departmental store is being done.
  • OSM gives detailed information of buildings too.
  • 2210 schools and 157 health facilities already mapped. More information can be received on this website
  • Mapathon (Mapping Party) has already been organized in Institute Of Engineering, Kathmandu University and Apex College
  • An event called Girls in Mapping was organized focusing on girls participation.
  • Tools like walking paper, GPS and Smartphone can are used.
  • Every Friday a program called OSM clinic is organized.

Nama Raj sir ended his presentation with some quotes.

No one knows everything, everyone knows something.

-Levy, 1997

A society that promotes the culture of data sharing is likely to prosper faster.

-Benkler, 2006


Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal

OKFN’s ambassador Prakash Neupane talked about “Empowering through Open Knowledge” through his presentation. Though the word Open was used multiple times, he made sure that everybody understands “What is Open?”, before anyone leaves the event hall.

A piece of data or content is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to

attribute and/or sharealike.” – OpenDefinition.org

OKFN is global movement to open up knowledge around the world and see it used and useful which brings together a diverse community, building a network of individuals and organizations, founded on key principles. It promote open access, open content, and open data, and the public domain. It promotes openness through 3 P’s, they are Principles, Policies and Practices. OKFN concerns people, working group in different domains and local groups. Through skills and trainings, we can promote reuse.

To know more on Open Knowledge or related matter, you can visit following website links:-

Wikipedia Nepal

Ganesh sir shared us that there are 12 projects of wikipedia altogether working on different topics. He cleared the doubt of audience on reliability matter of articles published on Wikipedia.


Open Source ASCOL Circle (OSAC)

Utshab Bhetuwal and Rajendra Sharma of Amrit Science Campus gave their presentation on OSAC formation followed by demo of obuntu. They remembered the past struggle phase and days of OSAC and how it started while they were studying in second semester. With little idea and inspiration of Prakash Neupane, who is also from the same campus OSAC was formed in 2011 AD. Every friday, a discussion program of OSAC takes place in campus premises.

Nikesh Balami as the new president of newly formed Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) ended the program with his remarkable presentation. Sealed pack Token of Love was given to presenter’s of representing open source communities.