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So much

You were the one.

We were the two.

Love is forever .

I wish it were true .

We had the moment .

To live life everyday .

There was …

So much to say.

So much to hear.


Review of बोता मो:मो (Bota Mo:Mo)

बोता (Bota) is a newari word for a small bowl made from leaf, sounds instantly cool when associated with Mo:Mo. With so many types of Mo:Mo already around ,  बोता मो:मो was bound to make its mark for uniqueness.

Two weeks ago, i saw advertisement of this mo:mo which did sound interesting. But what caught my attention was sadheko mo:mo (साँढेको मो:मो ), from that moment my expectations increased exponentially. My taste buds wanted that fresh and unique dish to feel the rush.

So, on the opening day May 20, 2016 I was  all excited for Bota Mo:Mo, but little did they know about social presence or effective marketing or even correct contact details. All my expectations came to absolute zero. Sure they had their front end answers like , “bro, we were like really swamped” , ” massive customer flow” , “here there this that”.  On top of that their only contact details present was facebook map directions , which showed out of ring road(near sama khusi) , every one on facebook page too were asking for location or contact phone number, but thanks to their zero customer focus – most of us were let down.

Well I did go today for lunch @ bota mo:mo with colleagues, which i luckily saw while passing by at kumaripati. Well for those who are still searching for bota mo:mo (बोता मो:मो) directions, its at kumaripati – opposite road to sanima bank ltd -few blocks inside .


  • introductory offer (1 plate mo:mo free with purchase of 10 plates)
  • new and different taste
  • free note copy to every mo:mo eater



  • over priced (costly)
  • congested space
  • no AC / FAN
  • only 8-9 pieces of mo:mo
  • very small and less pickle
  • noisy place

This place did leave its mark in mo:mo times for sure, but this venture should take these Cons into consideration for effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

loved one


You my loved one
The magic you spell
When you kissed me
and When you pressed me
to your heart
Every word turns into love song.

Give your hand to me
we walk together
forever as it may be
and when i close my eyes
eternity seems less to me.

Love is the feeling,
it is you and me,
watch me navigate stars
and when you smile
Every word turns into love song.
The seventh heaven
is just below me.

Inspired by: la vie en rose

Wikipedia 15 years celebrations


Members from different communities like Wikipedia Nepal, Foss Nepal, acme open source community, KUOSC celebrated 15 years of Wikipedia at bakery cafe, new baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Also, discussion on ubuntu localization and Mozilla Firefox localization was done by community members. Saroj dhakal dai did demonstrate ubuntu nepali  localization completed till date. Batch and stickers were also shared.


Information regarding different Wikipedia project like Wikipedia women event, wiki commons, Wikimedia nepal projects were also shared.



Software Freedom Day 2015


SFD2015 featured image

On 19th September 2015 with the theme of “Software Freedom to promote Entrepreneurship”, Software Freedom Day 2015 was celebrated at Nepal Engineering Association, Harihar Bahwan, in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Venue Map

Participants from different college and institutions, presenters and ITGuru’s showed their support toward freedom of Software. With new team taking responsibility of the event, there were few glitches with venue and event information flow but as they say ” all well, ends well”. By the second last event of table talk , all were pretttty impressed with the event , including me.


SFD2015 event schedule

Different stalls from previous SFD’s and community stalls from different open communities kept the SFD charm glowing. A pool of open source enthusiast, presenters and media consultants made the environment like tech buddies getTogether. The neutral approach of openness from presenters was great like, “Linux is not an alternative”.

photo source : Nikesh Balami Tweets

photo source : Nikesh Balami Tweets

The Last event at Round Table Discussion was the most interesting part of the event for me. 60% if the visitors stayed and discussion started following the introduction. Students from Kathmandu University Open Source Community (KUOSC), Acme Open Source Community (AOSC), Open Source Ascol Community (OSAC), Gandaki Engineering College, Kantipur City College, Living With ICT, Wikipedia Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Local Development Committee and FOSS sat at the discussion table.

Key suggestion areas were:

  • less information flow about the SFD 2015 event
  • involvement of FOSS and other open source community representatives outside valley.
  • revive/reboot of FOSS Ka Kura
  • follow up team at Local government body across country
  • why open source software not included in school and college level curriculum
  • social media Vs google groups

Lastly, Congratulations to the Organizing team and volunteers for doing such a wonderful and responsible event.

SFD group snap

and … Happy Constitution yay !!!!!! Nepal Nepal Nepal