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Teenager Wikipedia Celebrates 13th Birthday

January 16 2014: Had i not opened Facebook today, i would have missed today celebrations.  After seeingPrakash Neupane‘s status on Facebook, i got some hint about it. But as they say little knowledge is dangerous. I was skeptical if it was a invite only event or open public technical event. All thanks to Suraj Bohra and Prakash Neupane who guided (location) and encouraged me to attend this event.

By the time I reached the hall at Siddhartha Cottage Tinkune Kathmandu Nepal, the program was already in motion. Very few seats were left so i grabbed one, but the projector’s projection was oriented on side wall. Those who had not brought moveable necks along with their body were curious.

Mr. Ganesh Paudel was already speaking and showing some video tutorial on How-To’s on Wikipedia. I knew Mr. Ganesh Paudel since Tech MashUp 2013 and couple of encounters since then through AOSC. He has always been influential though his presentations.

Prof. Tulsi Diwas, Sulochana Manandhar Dhital , Lochan lal Amatya and Nama Raj Budhathoki were the  guest of today’s celebrations.  Prof. Tulsi sir not only gave a influential presentation but entertained us also. His gestures and power booster speech kept us all smiling through our the presentation. He appreciated the selflessness effort and thinking of today’s youth, which is the long-term sustainable OPEN KNOWLEDGE sharing.
Since, the cake was already in front of all of us, Sulochana mam thought of finishing up presentation to-the-point and quick. Meanwhile She announced to contribute her creation(book) to submit in wikibooks.She also announced that she is going to let another to be written in Wikipedia. Also, Mr. Ganesh helped Sulochana mam to open an Wikipediaaccount.Mr. Krish Dulal  the proud top contributor in Nepali Wikipedia was with his wife in the event. Both shared their experiences about their Wikipedia journey.He also shared with us that he was recently interested in writing डण्डबियो article in Wikipedia, which is National Game of Our country. It was very inspiring to know that Mr. Krish supported his wife to write articles in Wikipedia and currently is the 4th top contributor from Nepal. And encouraged us to write articles in Wikipedia, thinking of the times when we wished “If only there was an article while searching on internet and not found“.

The veg & non-veg cake was finished as soon as the cake cutting started. Suraj Bohra and I shared the piece of cake, and it tasted exactly like a cake 😀 Hmm …. mmH. Then, unofficial session of Tech minds talking and sharing knowledge continued.



Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices

On 29th January, 2014 (Wednesday), Nepal-Russia ICT Society (NRICTS) organized the monthly technology transfer event of January, also known as “Last Wednesday of every month event” at Russian Culture Center . This time the topic was “Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices” which is indeed the hottest issue in technology trend. After a short speech from Deputy Director Andrew, the event started.

Santosh Aryal was the presenter of Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices from Fonepay. Fonepay is a sister organization of F1Soft International. This presentation focused not only on mobile money introduction but also on how to protect money in wallet.  The audience were asked if they have familiarity with topics like database, programming, e-commerce etc. The response ranged between Yes-No-May be.

We use mobile and wallet in our day to day lives, and Fonepay found a way to combine it. It is the virtual wallet for instant use or transfer funds. Hello Paisa, esewa works through mobile sms. So, web wallet is a system online where we put money for online transactions. The answer to why need web wallet might be the following:

  • hassle free service (relief from standing in the long queue)
  • faster payment (keeps customers happy)

There are some popular wallets around the globe. They are :

  1. e-sewa
  2. paypal
  3. google wallet
  4. payza
  5. fonepay
  6. by Visa
  7. Mpesa (a successful and popular mobile wallet used in Kenya)

A short video was shown in which it was shown how easily and securely a guy buys a headset using mobile wallet i.e,fonepay. Secure because it sends an encrypted sms while transaction. And also if you loose your phone in this urban K-town, your fonepay account will still be safe, because it asks for pin every time you do a transaction. Unlike credit cards, which can be swiped and used easily, in case of theft (note: its just a scenario, please do not try this)

About e-sewa

Don’t get confused if you are asked if e-sewa is a mobile wallet or web wallet. Because the answer is both, e-sewa can be used as mobile wallet and from Internet browser too. It can be considered as payment gateway also.  E-sewa works via following way:

  • Create wallet ( create an account)
  • transfer money from bank to e-sewa account.
  • Pay Online

One can use e-sewa for mobile top-up’s, utility bill payment, movie tickets etc. Also it is easy and convenient, quick, rewards, and gives discounts too. Since, no agent, no sub agent involved, discounts come on slippery slope. For example: If you do Rs. 98 recharge from e-sewa you get Rs. 103 as balance, so say yes to discount. 

How to create wallet?

Following 3 methods explains all, choose either way  suitable.

  • Go to (which is the online option).
  • Type REG and send a sms at 2121 (which is the sms option).
  • Visit e-sewa zone (which is the outlet option).

The SMS charge is Rs. 0 for NTC users and Rs. 0.60 for Ncell users. The informal FAQ’s after the presentation was interesting and feedback collected answered remaining queries on the topic. You can also call at Toll Free Number of e-sewa at 11660-01-02121 for suggestion, feedback or instant reach.

Please do comment your suggestions or feedback about this blog.
Thanks and Regards,
Happy Blogging!

Orientation about AOSC for First Year Diploma Students

December 15, 2013 : The presentation was prepared for First Year students of Diploma in Computer Engineering. Since, 2nd and 3rd year students were also attending the event “Orientation about AOSC for First Year Diploma Students”. I added some slides to my previous presentation and named my presentation as “Step Up :Ecosystem of Community”.

On 15th December, 2013 at Acme Engineering College Diploma premises situated at Banasthali, Kathmandu the event was organized where  25 students attended. Apart from my presentation Nikesh Balami, Bikash Dhakal and Rabin Tamang also gave presentations.

Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal second meetup

September 11, 2013 : Unlike usual meetup’s I had a different experience on this one. OKFN Nepal, is the abbreviated form of Open Knowledge Foundation Network Nepal. “We want to make our meetup’s informal and respect the freedom of speech” , were the words said by Prakash Neupane – OKFN Nepal ambassador.

I saw more participation on second than the first meetup, maybe around 15-20 open minded tech enthusiasts. Also, the Open Spending Data Party was celebrated by OKFN nepal, where budget of Kathmandu city was made open.

This event had created a buzz around media, journalist, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, students, data hubs etc and many more. So this meetup was crucial for us, as we talked on different agendas before the event. Following are some of those:-

  1. Everyone shared their experiences about Open Spending Data Party.
  2. We knew that local as well as nation media were impressed by our work on making data open.
  3. Open Knowledge Foundation Network(OKFN) globally appreciated the effort of OKFN Nepal.
  4. Nepali language localization of Open Spending guide to be done was discussed, most probably on transifex.

Software Freedom Day 2013 Orientation Program at Acme Engineering College

August 14, 2013

Flashback of SFD2012 orientation program ran through my memories, as I started speaking in the event today. With 37 students and 4 teaching faculty, the event kicked off at 11:15 am, where I had the opportunity of welcoming Acme Engineering College

  • Vice Principal Dharmendra Mishra sir
  • HOD Sarad Poudel sir
  • Er.Dipesh Bista sir and
  • Salina Manandhar mam

and our guests from FOSS Nepal Community

  • Hempal Shrestha and
  • Prabin Gautam.

Before formally starting the event, Vice Principal Dharmendra Mishra sir gave a speech on the behalf of Acme Engineering College. Everybody including me was floored by such inspiring words of Dharmendra sir. As always I felt the hunger and search for path showing words to keep growing. AOSC was able to receive appreciation and positive comments from sir and gave us Thumbs Up.

With good grades, being technically sound is also equally important.
– VP, Dharmendra Mishra

Mr.Prabin Gautam and Mr.Hempal Shrestha, the duo- fossians started the next and main presentation of today’s program. As per the agenda of today’s event and keeping audience/students in mind, the program flow was balanced. As there were new faces, the duo first of all talked about Introduction of FOSS, its definition and ecosystem too. Technology is a means, but as a student, integration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) could be meaningful. An animated video of CHOICE was shown, and i guess what was hint to FREEDOM OF CHOICE, which explains concept of FOSS.

Software should not control us, but we should control software
-Prabin Gautam

When Mr.Prabin shared that software exists in 3 states, all I was thinking of Solid, Liquid and Gas (jokes apart), which wasn’t totally irrelevant I guess. Binary Code, Source code, and Documentation were the 3 states in actual. Importance of foss mixed with short and sweet experience of Kathmandu University (K.U) graduate Mr.Prabin, gave a clear view of now and then scenario. Just because the software called Free , doesn’t mean there’s no licensing system. Of course there is, and some of them are:

  • General Public License (GPL)
  • BSD License
  • Mozilla Public License
  • Apache License
  • Sun community License
  • and more …

Torch light now shifted to final agenda that is, Introduction to Software Freedom Day (SFD) and Planning for upcoming Software Freedom Day 2013. It is being celebrated on 5th Ashoj 2070 (21st September 2013) at venue Pragya Pratishthan, Kamaladi. Every year SFD has a theme, this years theme is FOSS IN EDUCATION. How foss as a tool can contribute in ICT would be the main motto. Technical presentation, distro demo, nirvikalpa 4.0, GB/TB Sata Sat, ediathon wikipedia nepal, are some of the glimpses of whats happening on D-Day. And these are the Teams working for Software Freedom Day 2013 Celebration in Nepal
Around 40-50 different individual open source communities in around 10 cities in Nepal will be celebrating सफ्टवेर स्वतन्त्रता दिवस including:

  • FOSS Nepal
  • Mozilla Nepal
  • Nepali Wikipedia
  • IOE FOSS Community
  • NOSK (Nepal Open Source Klub, NCIT)
  • OSAC (Open Source Ascol Circle)
  • OSM Nepal (Open Street Map Nepal)
  • KATH-FOSS Community
  • KCC FOSS Community
  • Acme Open Source Community (AOSC)

In case students want to contact or be in touch with more and more Fossians:
Website :
irc channel : #foss-nepal
twitter : @foss-np
facebook :

Mr. Hempal Shrestha asked students to get involved in the SFD teams, share and gain knowledge and experience. Also, Discussion on Linux Terminal Server Project (LISP)deployment in Sindhupalchowk and many other areas was done. Training for trainers is done first, then only go for deployment of LTSP is done.

Lastly, Nikesh Balami, Rabin Tamang and me(Spandan Pradhan) gave combined presentation on Introduction of Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) and events that was held so far. Moment of the day was when one of the slides said, we want women. As if Double Meaning was implemented, later the issue was crystal clear to be Girls in ICT. Also Mr. Prabin Gautams saying brought full clarity.
If a man is educated he only educates himself but if the woman is educated whole family is educated.

Sanjok Bhatta (MSP Alumini) asked his query on LTSP training and its how toes, in which Head Of Department, Sarad Poudel sir supported saying, as per students interest and proposal, college management will be happy to provide resources needed.

Also I would like to thank Microsoft Student Partners 2014 (Paras Maharjan and Manisha Lama) and AcIT club president Zoshan Gurung for their presence and all teachers and students for attending the event and making it fruitful.

Acme Mozilla Orientation

August 2, 2013

First of all Thank you Mozilla Nepal Team who were present at the event today.

  • Avash Mulmi
  • Prashish Rajbhandari
  • Avinash Kundaliya
  • Bansaj Pradhan
  • Nirmal Khanal

By the time I reached on the event, I had already missed the first half, but the main twist in story was in the second half. The Mozilla Team were giving a collaborative presentation, i guess that’s also an example of open web. By collaborative i mean, all 5 cool dudes coordinating on one presentation.

There were moments today like laughter in comedy circus, avash got lost in mac book pro, back-to-back queries from audience(students) of Diploma students of Acme Engineering College, president of AOSC Nikesh Balami laptop wallpaper, Avinash leaving early from the event. All in all, today’s event was supposed to be focused around Webmaker. But the event turned out to be much more than that where localization, visual design, documentation and writing, coders, system admin etc were discussed.

Firefox OS is coming

Localization demo was shown, which created more excitement in students with eyes and ears open. Prakash Neupane, Bansaj, benji were some of the names recognized as top contributors. Raw-bin Tamang as his Facebook profile name says, he knew from today’s event that “Mozilla, now is no more only a web browser” and many more new.

Some points to remember from today’s event had been listed below:

  1. Gaia is on top “of” Gecko and Gecko is a rendering engine.
  2. For now we don’t need a demo phone like geeks phone, there is Firefox OS simulator which is available as add-on in Firefox browser.
  3. With HTML5, CSS and JavaScript helps us build apps for Firefox OS and also can customize User Interface
  4. hardware dependency i.e, if android runs on a smartphone then Firefox OS too runs.
  5. Everything is documented on Mozilla Developers Network
  6. To get started Visit
  7. If you want to support Mozilla, also called SuMo visit and see from what part from where you are standing can contribute

President of Acme Open Source Community Nikesh Balami took suggestion from the students for whether to do a next event on webmaker like workshops.

WordPress 3.6 on wordpress

August 2, 2013

So guys , Its official now that version WordPress 3.6 of WordPress is available now for update. Just a couple of week before, Release Candidate 2 version of WordPress 3.6 was made available. Of course WordPress users now it all, but for those who don’t lets shout it out loud.

Okay according to Internet Guru, I read some features like :

  1. Auto-save
  2. new theme
  3. post locking
  4. revision doing
  5. audio and video embed
  • As I was writing this blog I felt that the autosave was more faster than before, like every minute logs was being kept. Even for multiple author type blog sites, its an advantage. This might tell us that WordPress does focus on user experience and site improvement.
  • revamped revision

    Revision style is much cooler now, to navigate. You can compare two revision at a time and if needed restore the revised post. Text is highlighted as you scroll through revisions at lightning speed, so you can see what changes have been made along the way.It’s easy to compare two revisions from any point in time, and to restore a revision and go back to writing. Now you can be confident that no mistake is permanent.


  • Each author now has their own autosave stream, which stores things locally as well as on the server (so much harder to lose something) and there’s an interface for taking over editing of a post.  You can know who’s editing with live updates that appear in the list of posts. And if someone leaves to attend a phone call with a post open, you can take over where they left off. So, post locking will be useful and helpful for users.
  • Oh yeah! the new twenty thirteen theme, might be a slight hint of 2013 year or Friendship month gift. inspired by modern art, the new Twenty Thirteen puts focus on your content with a colorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging.
  • For native audio and video embeds with no reliability on external services, the built-in html5 media player does wow you. Upload files using the media manager and embed them in your posts. Embed songs and albums from your favorite artists, or playlists you’ve mixed yourself. It’s as simple as pasting a URL into a post on its own line. SoundCloud, spotify and Rdio does walk hand in hand with WordPress 3.6


Plugins are also being made compatible with this new version. For now I have Akismet 2.5.8 but new version Akismet 2.5.9 is also 100 % compatible, as per WordPress dashboard.

This version 3.6 is in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Thus called WordPress 3.6 Oscar.