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In Love

Can’t explain  this feeling
I have landed on
The emptiness in me disappeared
I see stars in day light
The moon seems twice its size nowadays
As they say in every love song.

You’ve teased me a long time
God has punished you to be with me
And blessed my love for eternity
You finally expressed and realized
I am your choice, so you are wise
No place for IF, BUT, or OTHERWISE.

The walk, the park, the movie, you crazy
Now that we are together
Everything makes sense
People notice me blushing inside out.
The joy you brought upon me feels nice
I am enjoying our stealth mode
Your trust and my commitment fuels this relationship.

Never before there was a girl
Who could steal my heart
You came, you saw, you conquered
You amaze me more than my thoughts.

-Spandan Pradhan
(Inspired by True events)


June 25, 2013


It’s not the Right Time and I am not the Right Guy


Never ever there was a moment I doubted your feelings
and I know its not as easy as it looks.
But the evil time
Waits for none, until it’s done.

2 steps back 1 step front
Pardon me if you don’t understand this song
I have been singing all my Life
I wonder when GOD’s gonna do the silent Hi-Five.

You deserve much better than
A man who lost against time
No time machine can fix this doomsday
and you just can’t imagine  how deep shit i am in.

May be one day, I might be able to open up to you
Welcome me with open arms or fold your hands
I promise I won’t whine.
You are an angel bound to shine.

I feel like wasting your time
I want to hold you like a Man
It’s not the Right Time
and I am not the Right Guy.


-(Based on True Events)
Inspired by a Fake Story.


December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday To You

You came into this world
Thank you for that.
Age is just a number, you don’t grow old
Just add years to life, as simple as that.

My love for you grows more and more
Happiness in me has no bound.
When I look at your smile, with no sound.

Today is Different
But You are the Same.
You live in my Heart without rent.
You are so cute, nothing you say makes sense.

Violets are blue,
I love You
Happy Birthday To You.

Leadership Development


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There are two types of leaders in this world. One who leads the way, sets himself as an example so others can follow and the other one is who steps back , encourages others to lead.Leadership is not something you have inbuilt when you were born , neither is it a gin-tonic-vitamin you drink. It is passion and passion merely beats talent.

If you don’t get a solution through simple and straight way, be ready to be somewhat strange – wicked. Embrace yourself, think out of the box (TOOB). Don’t be confined, always keep pushing your limits. Test yourself time and again.

Marketing management and Social management are the important aspects . Social marketing management is the service according to people’s wants and needs. Keep track on your mind, dodge those bullets that so called “problems”. Remember, ” A problem is not a problem, until you see it as a problem“.

So, lets break it down.
T E A M = Together Everyone Achieve More

F E A R = False Evidence Appearing True

Try and make sure FEAR doesn’t catch TEAM. Focus on team building and try to communicate with team players effectively. Don’t overdo yourself by thinking, because if you think-think-think you’ll never do-do-do, Think less act more.

Spot the difference ?

input = output

Input = Output

By now you might have spot the difference. The first equation means if the input is small or small thinking leads to small output, but BIG thinking leads to BIG output. So, always think BIG.

I See You


what is this feeling
I can’t explain
Love is not calculation
I don’t expect loss or gain

care and trust and more, I feel
your eyes do all the magic, they do heal
you’re calm but you make me nervous
not just I and YOU, let’s be US

your hair’s all silky
i get lost, is this galaxy milky.
you make my heart flap and bubble
Screw this friend’s deal, I want us to be couple.

your one look says everything
sometimes i pray my feelings had wings
and if eyes could speak
i wouldn’t have to talk.

गार्हो छ


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खोजी रहेछु अझै पनि
छैनउ तिमी थाहा छ मलाई
मेर यि भाब बुझ्दै बुझ्दैनन्
हुन्नौ तिमी मेरो थाहा छ मलाई
गार्हो छ यो सोझो मन लाई

माया हो कि हो यो चाहना मात्रै
चाहना पनि सुख दुख साथ दिने
अथोत तिम्रो मुस्कान सुन्ने
हुन्नौ तिमी मेरो थाहा छ मलाई
गार्हो छ यो सोझो मन्न लाई

Mathematical Love

तिम्रो र मेरो माया सफल हुने कती छ PROBABLITY
टिम्ले आँखा झिम्क्यौ भने आउछ मन्न म STABILITY
त्य्सै तिमी रम्री च्यौ तिम्लाई चहिदैन कुनै CONSTRUCTION
मेरो मनम लुकेको मायालाई कसरी गरौ तिमी समक्ष्य INTRODUCTION.

तिम्रो र मेरो माया म छैन कुनै INEQUALITY
तिम्रो याद म लेखे मैले कत्ती POETRY
तिम्रो र मेरो माया को खाइ रहेछ कसैले COMMISION
यही कुरा ले गर्द हुन्छ मलाई FRUSTRATION.

हाम्रो माया नबनोस एउटा लभ TRIANGLE
डर्‍र् लाग्छ किनकी च्वाँक छ तिम्रो हरेक ANGLE
तिम्रा ति चार आँखा हुन ALGEBRA KA EXPRESSION
तिम्रो माया पौन लाई SOLVE गर्ने छु म , कुनै पनि TRIGONOMETRICAL EQUATION.