Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices

On 29th January, 2014 (Wednesday), Nepal-Russia ICT Society (NRICTS) organized the monthly technology transfer event of January, also known as “Last Wednesday of every month event” at Russian Culture Center . This time the topic was “Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices” which is indeed the hottest issue in technology trend. After a short speech from Deputy Director Andrew, the event started.

Santosh Aryal was the presenter of Wallet in the Web and Mobile devices from Fonepay. Fonepay is a sister organization of F1Soft International. This presentation focused not only on mobile money introduction but also on how to protect money in wallet.  The audience were asked if they have familiarity with topics like database, programming, e-commerce etc. The response ranged between Yes-No-May be.

We use mobile and wallet in our day to day lives, and Fonepay found a way to combine it. It is the virtual wallet for instant use or transfer funds. Hello Paisa, esewa works through mobile sms. So, web wallet is a system online where we put money for online transactions. The answer to why need web wallet might be the following:

  • hassle free service (relief from standing in the long queue)
  • faster payment (keeps customers happy)

There are some popular wallets around the globe. They are :

  1. e-sewa
  2. paypal
  3. google wallet
  4. payza
  5. fonepay
  6. V.me by Visa
  7. Mpesa (a successful and popular mobile wallet used in Kenya)

A short video was shown in which it was shown how easily and securely a guy buys a headset using mobile wallet i.e,fonepay. Secure because it sends an encrypted sms while transaction. And also if you loose your phone in this urban K-town, your fonepay account will still be safe, because it asks for pin every time you do a transaction. Unlike credit cards, which can be swiped and used easily, in case of theft (note: its just a scenario, please do not try this)

About e-sewa

Don’t get confused if you are asked if e-sewa is a mobile wallet or web wallet. Because the answer is both, e-sewa can be used as mobile wallet and from Internet browser too. It can be considered as payment gateway also.  E-sewa works via following way:

  • Create wallet ( create an account)
  • transfer money from bank to e-sewa account.
  • Pay Online

One can use e-sewa for mobile top-up’s, utility bill payment, movie tickets etc. Also it is easy and convenient, quick, rewards, and gives discounts too. Since, no agent, no sub agent involved, discounts come on slippery slope. For example: If you do Rs. 98 recharge from e-sewa you get Rs. 103 as balance, so say yes to discount. 

How to create wallet?

Following 3 methods explains all, choose either way  suitable.

  • Go to https://esewa.com.np/ (which is the online option).
  • Type REG and send a sms at 2121 (which is the sms option).
  • Visit e-sewa zone (which is the outlet option).

The SMS charge is Rs. 0 for NTC users and Rs. 0.60 for Ncell users. The informal FAQ’s after the presentation was interesting and feedback collected answered remaining queries on the topic. You can also call at Toll Free Number of e-sewa at 11660-01-02121 for suggestion, feedback or instant reach.

Please do comment your suggestions or feedback about this blog.
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Happy Blogging!


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