Teenager Wikipedia Celebrates 13th Birthday

January 16 2014: Had i not opened Facebook today, i would have missed today celebrations.  After seeingPrakash Neupane‘s status on Facebook, i got some hint about it. But as they say little knowledge is dangerous. I was skeptical if it was a invite only event or open public technical event. All thanks to Suraj Bohra and Prakash Neupane who guided (location) and encouraged me to attend this event.

By the time I reached the hall at Siddhartha Cottage Tinkune Kathmandu Nepal, the program was already in motion. Very few seats were left so i grabbed one, but the projector’s projection was oriented on side wall. Those who had not brought moveable necks along with their body were curious.

Mr. Ganesh Paudel was already speaking and showing some video tutorial on How-To’s on Wikipedia. I knew Mr. Ganesh Paudel since Tech MashUp 2013 and couple of encounters since then through AOSC. He has always been influential though his presentations.

Prof. Tulsi Diwas, Sulochana Manandhar Dhital , Lochan lal Amatya and Nama Raj Budhathoki were the  guest of today’s celebrations.  Prof. Tulsi sir not only gave a influential presentation but entertained us also. His gestures and power booster speech kept us all smiling through our the presentation. He appreciated the selflessness effort and thinking of today’s youth, which is the long-term sustainable OPEN KNOWLEDGE sharing.
Since, the cake was already in front of all of us, Sulochana mam thought of finishing up presentation to-the-point and quick. Meanwhile She announced to contribute her creation(book) to submit in wikibooks.She also announced that she is going to let another to be written in Wikipedia. Also, Mr. Ganesh helped Sulochana mam to open an Wikipediaaccount.Mr. Krish Dulal  the proud top contributor in Nepali Wikipedia was with his wife in the event. Both shared their experiences about their Wikipedia journey.He also shared with us that he was recently interested in writing डण्डबियो article in Wikipedia, which is National Game of Our country. It was very inspiring to know that Mr. Krish supported his wife to write articles in Wikipedia and currently is the 4th top contributor from Nepal. And encouraged us to write articles in Wikipedia, thinking of the times when we wished “If only there was an article while searching on internet and not found“.

The veg & non-veg cake was finished as soon as the cake cutting started. Suraj Bohra and I shared the piece of cake, and it tasted exactly like a cake 😀 Hmm …. mmH. Then, unofficial session of Tech minds talking and sharing knowledge continued.



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