Leadership Development


image source: satya.com.np

There are two types of leaders in this world. One who leads the way, sets himself as an example so others can follow and the other one is who steps back , encourages others to lead.Leadership is not something you have inbuilt when you were born , neither is it a gin-tonic-vitamin you drink. It is passion and passion merely beats talent.

If you don’t get a solution through simple and straight way, be ready to be somewhat strange – wicked. Embrace yourself, think out of the box (TOOB). Don’t be confined, always keep pushing your limits. Test yourself time and again.

Marketing management and Social management are the important aspects . Social marketing management is the service according to people’s wants and needs. Keep track on your mind, dodge those bullets that so called “problems”. Remember, ” A problem is not a problem, until you see it as a problem“.

So, lets break it down.
T E A M = Together Everyone Achieve More

F E A R = False Evidence Appearing True

Try and make sure FEAR doesn’t catch TEAM. Focus on team building and try to communicate with team players effectively. Don’t overdo yourself by thinking, because if you think-think-think you’ll never do-do-do, Think less act more.

Spot the difference ?

input = output

Input = Output

By now you might have spot the difference. The first equation means if the input is small or small thinking leads to small output, but BIG thinking leads to BIG output. So, always think BIG.


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