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Review of बोता मो:मो (Bota Mo:Mo)

बोता (Bota) is a newari word for a small bowl made from leaf, sounds instantly cool when associated with Mo:Mo. With so many types of Mo:Mo already around ,  बोता मो:मो was bound to make its mark for uniqueness.

Two weeks ago, i saw advertisement of this mo:mo which did sound interesting. But what caught my attention was sadheko mo:mo (साँढेको मो:मो ), from that moment my expectations increased exponentially. My taste buds wanted that fresh and unique dish to feel the rush.

So, on the opening day May 20, 2016 I was  all excited for Bota Mo:Mo, but little did they know about social presence or effective marketing or even correct contact details. All my expectations came to absolute zero. Sure they had their front end answers like , “bro, we were like really swamped” , ” massive customer flow” , “here there this that”.  On top of that their only contact details present was facebook map directions , which showed out of ring road(near sama khusi) , every one on facebook page too were asking for location or contact phone number, but thanks to their zero customer focus – most of us were let down.

Well I did go today for lunch @ bota mo:mo with colleagues, which i luckily saw while passing by at kumaripati. Well for those who are still searching for bota mo:mo (बोता मो:मो) directions, its at kumaripati – opposite road to sanima bank ltd -few blocks inside .


  • introductory offer (1 plate mo:mo free with purchase of 10 plates)
  • new and different taste
  • free note copy to every mo:mo eater



  • over priced (costly)
  • congested space
  • no AC / FAN
  • only 8-9 pieces of mo:mo
  • very small and less pickle
  • noisy place

This place did leave its mark in mo:mo times for sure, but this venture should take these Cons into consideration for effectiveness and customer satisfaction.