World Championship 2015 Asian Qualifier – CS GO

CS GO Qualifier

The golden days for e-sports in Nepal is here. Today is an important day, because Nepal is showing its first participation in international community. This is World Championships 2015 Asian Qualifier, an online qualifier match. Here from each continent, winner from qualifier match will finally participate in the main event in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. Along with Nepal other countries in this group are Indonesia , Philippines.
First time Nepal is in the international arena, gamers of Nepal feel proud in seeing their country name for the first time in line with other countries.

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Nepali CS group scenario

Nepali Counter Strike scene started in 2004 AD with small tournaments scale. The first competition was organized in Maharjgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal by virtual world,it was first 5v5 tournament with 25k cash prizes, good team participation were there. After that not much competitions were organized, only cybercafe tournaments and home gamers, but still game popularity was going through ups and downs.

From 2008 cs scene started, but again when myktm server started in 2010 , then dying CS community revived, and kept on growing, people from dharan, illam , chitwan and other places started playing in that server.

When CS 1.6 ended internationally, Nepal also was affected, old clan started quitting, due to lack of platform in gaming in Nepal. Young generation switched from 1.6 to GO. At initial phase they still needed some time to get used to, old generation (pro’s)went  pursuing their careers and higher studies.

image source : csgolounge

image source : csgolounge


Myktm started from IRC in early 2000 which was inactive for some time , but a man saw vision in reviving CS community in Nepal, he was Gaulochan Bikram Shah. He made his own server and started, this vision kept growing and requested for server space in his workplace WorldLink. Server started, members started joining, young gamers came in, community became strong , and started organizing tournaments. Before there used to be  only few teams , but since 2012 , the teams increased and more than 20 teams started playing CS 1.6 .

After server created, new players and team came in, few of the old clan’s were also surviving , new breed of player with new philosophy and thinking started. But still old clan had dominated the scene to newbies but later everything worked out . Some players feels CS a lot alike football , where strategies, skills count,shooting, passing. More mental than physical though.But same practice hours needed like football.
Them myktm started hosting different kinds of tournaments, sponsors started joining hands, tournaments started in malls and cybercafe

Now CS GO moments are coming in , and teams are focused in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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photo source :

Today’s match is between Indonesia and Nepal.

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Image source :

(Based on interaction with cNobi and sweAting bulleTs)


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