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Solaborate, what’s next ?

In one of the Facebook groups, I saw some random post about solaborate being the new exciting thing and blah, blah. Did some googling and binging, and found out that it is a professional social network and collaboration platform dedicated to technology professionals & companies. Well, it did draw my attention and I signed up to explore more. It’s free to signup.

It has just launched its beta version, and promises to provide technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time both internally and externally – and solve business problems. It provides tools to collaborate, communicate and expand the ecosystem of tech minds. There are many social networking sites, tech discussion websites, forums but all of them are scattered. Solaborate brings the collaborative blatform for all users need at one place. I guess thats how its name came, social + collaborate = solaboarte.


Tech on the go as they say, you can download the Android app and take your personal, company or product profile with you. Get the Android application to stay connected with professionals, companies and products or services. The public beta version of the website has recently been released too.

After you finish up with the nitty gritty and activate your profile account you are welcomed with the sign in page and that where all the action begins with that click LOG IN. And following are the basics of what you see and how-to’s ?

1. Top Left Action Menu

2. Refined search bar

3. Drop down profile edit

4. Important Menu’s on Left side

5. Write your thought here : Post

6. Share with Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin

7. Filter post’s easily

8. Simple chat – make video call, audio call and even share your screen.

After the tour you will get a welcome message from solaborate and some notifications of accepted connection request you made while completing your profile.

I am looking forward to explore Solaborate.

Post Publised : March 13, 2014