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Acme Open Source Community Launching Event

Today 14th june 2013 was the Launching event of Acme Open Source Community, also called ASOC shortly. Although the event was said to be start at 7 AM, the event started an hour late. The presenters from different open source community had already arrived right on time. Nevertheless, the huge attendance of students made the wait worth it. The seats were full and the hall was packed, so called house-full. Not only students but teaching faculties and honorable Principal sir’s presence showed the high interest on opening ceremony of this community.


There were 5 Open Source communities. They are listed below:

  1. OpenDRI Nepal
  2. Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKFN)
  3. Wikimedia Nepal
  4. Open Source ASCOL Community (OSAC)
  5. FOSS Nepal

OpenDRI Nepal

Nama Raj Budhathoki sir gave his presentation on “An Overview of Open Street Map (OSM)” . He started his slide with an incomplete list of Social Media Timeline which took us back in history from postal service that started in Persia around 550 BC to today’s Twitter 2006 AD. He gave some really important and informative insights on ongoing Open Street Mapping. In OSM, new information can be added and mistakes can be corrected, and zooming in gives in depth details. Log on to website of OSM to know more.
OSM concept started from london UK as a student’s project. Due to limitations of paying for data collection , that student thought of making a free(open) map of the world. He left his studies and started the project in 2004 AD. After London, Europe and many other countries, now its functioning in Nepal too.


Some key points from his presentation were:

  • OSM works on Open Source software
  • currently mapping of school, colleges, departmental store is being done.
  • OSM gives detailed information of buildings too.
  • 2210 schools and 157 health facilities already mapped. More information can be received on this website
  • Mapathon (Mapping Party) has already been organized in Institute Of Engineering, Kathmandu University and Apex College
  • An event called Girls in Mapping was organized focusing on girls participation.
  • Tools like walking paper, GPS and Smartphone can are used.
  • Every Friday a program called OSM clinic is organized.

Nama Raj sir ended his presentation with some quotes.

No one knows everything, everyone knows something.

-Levy, 1997

A society that promotes the culture of data sharing is likely to prosper faster.

-Benkler, 2006


Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal

OKFN’s ambassador Prakash Neupane talked about “Empowering through Open Knowledge” through his presentation. Though the word Open was used multiple times, he made sure that everybody understands “What is Open?”, before anyone leaves the event hall.

A piece of data or content is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to

attribute and/or sharealike.” –

OKFN is global movement to open up knowledge around the world and see it used and useful which brings together a diverse community, building a network of individuals and organizations, founded on key principles. It promote open access, open content, and open data, and the public domain. It promotes openness through 3 P’s, they are Principles, Policies and Practices. OKFN concerns people, working group in different domains and local groups. Through skills and trainings, we can promote reuse.

To know more on Open Knowledge or related matter, you can visit following website links:-

Wikipedia Nepal

Ganesh sir shared us that there are 12 projects of wikipedia altogether working on different topics. He cleared the doubt of audience on reliability matter of articles published on Wikipedia.


Open Source ASCOL Circle (OSAC)

Utshab Bhetuwal and Rajendra Sharma of Amrit Science Campus gave their presentation on OSAC formation followed by demo of obuntu. They remembered the past struggle phase and days of OSAC and how it started while they were studying in second semester. With little idea and inspiration of Prakash Neupane, who is also from the same campus OSAC was formed in 2011 AD. Every friday, a discussion program of OSAC takes place in campus premises.

Nikesh Balami as the new president of newly formed Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) ended the program with his remarkable presentation. Sealed pack Token of Love was given to presenter’s of representing open source communities.


I found my Hope

I found my hope.
That you’re not the one
And we’re not the same.
And we’re not getting any better.

The best damn thing my eyes have ever seen.
But your smile your eyes nothing worked
So where’s the Hope.
Never works long distance dream.

As if i care.
May be I blew it again.
Imagine we both being right.
Taking each others place.


What are the chances
I will find an answer
I will believe in myself
No matter how the world feels

Because the chances are
The chances are i will find another question
The chances are i will shed another tears
The chances are i will make it other way

Though you said Do This and Do That
I will take my chances no matter what
The act of god i respect
Don’t get me wrong i never said never

Though i fear i might loose all that i have
The chances are i might not reach the destination
The chances are moment of expectations
Ttill chances might walk away from me
But above the chances, I will be me.

-Spandan Pradhan

(inspired by movie The Blind Side)