New Changes in Google Plus

It is on 25th may 2013, I experienced some changes on my Google Plus. I liked some of the new changes and thought of blogging about it. Apart from texts, well snapshots also explain quite a lot. Like the saying goes, ” A Picture Speaks 1000 Words”. After Facebook and LinkedIn  now its Google Plus adding itself in the row. And that row or line is the line of Changes offered to users.

Following are the recent changes in Google+

1. New Google plus Home

This changed Google Plus Home might make people feel like “An Old Wine In A New Bottle”, but it sure has shown its charismatic effect with clean and cool look. ALL, FRIENDS, AQUIANTANCES, FAMILY, FOLLOWING, MORE they all are in one bar, reducing previous efforts.


2. Hangouts

Hangouts had got now better with different layout and all in one place. Send messages, share photos and much more either with one on one friend or to a group. If till now you haven’t felt the changes, then quickly go to Google+ and you can view the tour by clicking Next.


3. Photos

Now you van use new tools to manage, backup and organize your photos automatically. After you click on Photos, you can view the tour where google+ will explain you how actually better organization of photos will be done. But one thing to remember is that , read the text written in notification box before clicking next button. It saves us from lot of trouble and loss of time.


4. Sidebar

We all might have done the locking and hiding of taskbar in windows atleast once. Well if that did wonder to you, then this new hiding and sliding sidebar might impress you in multiple ways. Hover your mouse to the top left corner, where you can see HOME.



5. Share What’s New

The sharebar in google plus has got more cleaner than before. I felt somewhat like influenced by Facebook, Linkedin, and Zurker, but nevertheless this change will sure win hearts of Google plus users.


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