National Robotics Competition : NSU Robo Drive 2070

On 13th May, 2013 National Robotics Competition NSU ROBO DRIVE was organized by  ofNepal College of Information and Technology(NCIT) College. With the theme of A Nepali Keto to climb Mt.Everest with a National flag, altogether 15 teams participated in the competition. Nepal Student Union NCIT Main Unit Committee was the backbone in organizing this event. The 15 teams from different colleges name list are :

  1. Innovative Ghar Nepal (Kathford College)
  2. NCIT-B (NCIT College)
  3. Janakpur Engineering College
  4. Innovative Ghar Nepal – 2 (Kathford College)
  5. Nepal Engineering College (NEC)
  6. Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM)
  7. Thapathali Engineering Campus (TEC)
  8. NCIT Robotics Club (NCIT College)
  9. Cosmos Robotics Club (Cosmos College)
  10. Acme Engineering College
  11. NCIT – 1st semester (NCIT College)
  12. SOE Central Campus
  13. NCIT-A (NCIT College)
  14. Megadeath (NCIT College)
  15. NCIT girls

At around 10 a.m I reached NCIT College, I had to ask for directions to the arena the event was happening, luckily NCIT college was a long (in terms of length ) it was easy to navigate. The competition had just started, I suppose the eagerness and enthusiasm of participants and audience encouraged organizers to start the competition without formal program. I searched the team members from my Acme Engineering College, and as expected they were confident and observing other teams work. Subash Gautam, Krishna Sah, Prabin Bhandari and Suresh Bhandari were the fantastic four of Acme Engineering College. According to Sources(don’t ask who ), the team members of Acme Engineering College worked through day and night for the event.

An unconditional love and support from Acme Engineering College supporters from Computer(5), Electronics(15), Civil(10) and Architect(1) Department added salt in the pickle. They cheered their team through out the course of event. With fingers crossed and metronome heart beat, lunch arrangement was done on behalf of team members of Acme Engineering College.


After about 9 robotic teams performed with their robots, the formal program was done. Dr. Minendra Rijal (Chief Guest), Shashidhar Ram Joshi (Special Guest), Er.Pradeep Paudel(Principal, Acme Engineering College), Dr.Sudan Jha (Principal, NCIT) andEr.Niranjan Khakurel (NCIT, Program Officer) were welcomed on stage by Master of Ceremony(MC). Even though said two minutes, the speech utterly buttery boring, same old same old crap. And, heck yeah the event resumed and it was Acme Engineering College robotics team to demonstrate their robot.

The start-to-finish track where robots had to travel, was nicely done. One could see theme related track and hard work of organizers. Hurdles, sand, pebbles, mud, water were the attributes of the track to represent a journey of a Nepali keto(boy) from terai through hills and final destination at Mount Everest. Most of the robots had a hard time rolling on sand part but not Acme’s robot. A cake walk for Acme Engineering College’s robot and the 11 feet tall Nepali flag at the finish line was worth watching. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the showstopper was indeed and undoubtedly Acme Engineering College. Co-ordinator’s of the competitionGanesh Bikram Singh Ale and Yagya Prasad Devkota also looked surprised and appreciated the effort.

In between the competition, judges examined the robot’s speed, electronic circuit, etc, etc for following award section.

  • Best Speed (Megadeath, NCIT College)
  • Best Mechanical (Thapathali Engineering Campus)
  • Best Electronic (Nepal Engineering College)
  • Best Dress (NLP-2, NCIT College)
  • Best Remote (Cosmos Robotics Club)
  • Best Design (Pokhara University, SOE central campus)
  •  Best Wired Remote (Janakpur Engineering College)
  • Best Most Popular Award (NCIT Robotics Club, NCIT College)

As a representative of online news website , I took a small interview of Yagya Prasad Devkota (President, Nepal Student Union NCIT Main Unit Committee). He was kind enough to share his views on National Robotics Competition NSU ROBO DRIVE 2070.

Wait!!! (Drum Rolls please … !!! … !!! … !!!) — And the winners are TOOOOOOOOOT.

First Prize: Acme Engineering College

Secong Prize: Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM)

Third Prize: Innovative Ghar Nepal

Acme Engineering College as the winner won Rs. 50,000 rupees with token of appreciation, certificates, Letter of Appreciation. ACEM as first runner-up won Rs. 30,000 with token of appreciation, certificates, Letter of Appreciation. And Innovative Ghar Nepal as second runner-up won Rs. 20,000 with token of appreciation, certificates, Letter of Appreciation.


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