Yatra Professional Ko- Jorney from Student to Professional @ Amrit Campus

With the theme of “Career in Web World” an event “Yatra Professional Ko- Jorney from Student to Professional” was organised on Thursday, March 14, 2013. Since, i couldn’t attend the first episode of S2P at Sunway International Business School which theme was “Career in Mobile World”, i was supercharged to attend the second episode. So, as soon as i got the invitation from <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/events/503227003046741/” title=”Facebook event page” target=”_blank”>Facebook event page</a>, my keen interest were the speakers.
For those who don’t know about S2P (Student to Professional), below is the short and sweet description.
<blockquote>Yatra Professional ko is an inspiring journey of the professional to celebrate professionalism and bring stories from successful professional in their own words. The invited speakers share their professional journey and talk about lessons they have learned, mistakes they wish they have avoided and key decisions that helped them make their career successful.</blockquote>
After only 3 hours of sleep i woke up at 6 a.m and rushed towards the destination Amrit Science Campus. Since i entered the college premises for the first time, it was not easier for me to find the room where the event was happening. The event had already started, and Bhoj Raj Ghimire sir was the Moderator.

<strong>Bhoj Raj Ghimire</strong>
Bhoj Raj Ghimire sir is the Senior Project Manager, Senior Manager, Business Analysis at <a href=”http://www.deerwalk.com/” title=”Deerwalk” target=”_blank”>Deerwalk</a>.
He worked as GIS Technician / Analyst at GIC /Asian Institute of Technology-Thailand, JAXA- Japan and Bhim District Hospital- Nepal Government. He worked as Project Manager and Team Leader at <a href=”http://www.shangrilamicrosystem.com.np/site/” title=” Shangrila Microsystem (P.) Ltd” target=”_blank”>Shangrila Microsystem (P.) Ltd</a>. He also worked as Software Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer at Mauj (People Soft Pvt. Ltd). He worked as System Analyst at National College of Computer Studies (NCCS) and currently Lecturer of Computer Science, Engineering and IT courses.
The coolest moderator Bhoj Raj sir before starting the event shared some of his experience from his college life. He remembers the 3rd year class of his B.Sc (Bachelor is Science) when he felt that students should not be limited to class but outside world too. He told the audience (i.e students) that this event is not a professional training but an awareness opportunity. He then welcomed Binod Ranabhat, as the first speaker.

<strong>Binod Ranabhat</strong>
He is the Founder / CEO at <a href=”http://www.donibtechnology.com/” title=”Donib Technology” target=”_blank”>Donib Technology Pvt Ltd</a>. He shared his experience how he transferred himself form student to professional [S2P]. He started with SLC days, which was when he joined institute for HTML courses to bridge the time between SLC and +2. He then did his +2 studies from SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School, Gandaki. Then, he came Kathmandu and took engineering preparation course. But he had to return back to Pokhara due to some family problems and studied engineering there. At third semester he changed his mind n analyzed the courses he will study and he realized that only 12 subjects are computer related but more 40 or more subjects are non-computer So, he started practicing web development on his own. He focused on his subject of passion that is web development. He Started carrier From <a href=”http://www.meropokhara.com” title=”Meropokhara.com” target=”_blank”>Meropokhara.com</a> in 2007 A.D. He then, made 3 websites as freelancer and earned 25000 Rupees and was able to contribute in his family by paying his mom’s loan. He dropped his engineering study and came Kathmandu for abroad study processing. But Despite of his Good n Genuine Documents he was Rejected for visa then he thought of living inside Nepal and doing something.

After his both doors were closed for him, he searched for IT & Management related courses and studied Bachelor of Information Management in KCMIT college. He worked as the Full time Faculty for Web Engineering in <a href=”http://softwarica.edu.np/” title=”Softwarica College” target=”_blank”>Softwarica College of IT &amp; E-Commerce</a>, taught many students which reflects that he enjoys teaching too. He proudly says that more then 80% of his students are Web Professionals todat. He defined entrepreneurship as ” Finding opportunity in a problem”. The journey was still harsh and roads were not easy too. Due to VAT &amp; PAN bills demands criteria for making bigger companies websites and thought of starting a company. The registration processing was not a cake walk too, had to to suffer the indirect corruption fashion of government organizations. His feats include medical journal website, making first commodity website of Pokhara, restaurants and school websites too. His interest in motorbikes led him to a thought of registering a website 2wheels.com.np opening a new company and he is now CTO at two Wheels Pvt Ltd. To integrate his passions of bikes and designs he then initiated <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/2WheelsCafe” title=”2Wheels Cafe” target=”_blank”>2Wheels Cafe</a> as well. he says that the cafe is featured with the motorbike tiers as a table, Pulsar Seats as Sitting Seat and Avenger bike’s Headlights as the table lights.

He also gave his thoughts on college projects that students should try to implement the project rather then to submit their reports to the respected faculty and shut the project down. He cleared us that students often get confused when vacancy notice asks for “preferred experience”, it doesn’t mean freshers can’t apply, it just means that experience is preferred. Lastly he points that we always have a simple excuse “I can Work, I have Experience, I can do it but I do not have MONEY” in that he finally quotes
<blockquote>Money will Only Come after you start working.</blockquote>
<strong>Kushal Gautam</strong>
Bhoj Raj sir introduced Kushal to the audience as a new professional but got more experience. Kushal picked up the tempo from where Binod left on a serious note. With his cool attitude and funny face and accents students enjoyed and laughed a lot (like LOL), and some left the room because couldn’t control the laughter. He interacted with students by asking some question about their current semester and interest in web development. I couldn’t shut my mouth and silent laughter got wider when i heard that he started studying HTML and CSS in class 7– and thought i started in class 14 ( a deep sigh). Whenever he was in cyber, he used to research and study rather than playing games or wasting time. He worked as Developer at Mahoo Nepal and is currently Senior Developer at Janaki Technology. He shared his moments from his school life that he used to get scolded for his overwork.

He told us that around second semester, a senior asked to work with him but didn’t get paid and also he was just greedy about knowledge. He told us that if we can balance our academic and professional life , it would be great(sahi hunthyo in Nepali) and academic knowledge is needed for creativity. He did some php works in the company he enrolled with his senior. He also was MSP 2012(Microsoft Student Partners) and did a lot of certification at that time. He joined Janaki Tech after some time. He told us that time investment and career investment is crucial and that everybody whenever sees him asks the same question, ” Why do you always work,work and work like a workaholic and have no time at all?” Since, he had been working in one paradigm that is web development, he switched his career which was the reason to join Janaki Tech. He also gave suggestion for professional life, not to switch career for money, but for career growth. He asked us to always aim for high and think differently.Because if you know PHP and use Facebook, then you should think of making a Facebook app. Language should not be a barrier to study programming languages.

He revealed us about the new url shortcut project about to launch from his company Janaki Tech. He appreciated Binod Ranabhat for the fact that meropokhara.com is his identity. He suggested us to use twisted brain sometimes rather than normal brain. Experience and job opportunity is a loop and we have to forcefully enter this loop. Once we enter, we can make our path. He regrets that he couldn’t make personal time for himself. He urged students to explore web development field if they have interest in it.
In the middle, he quotes
<blockquote>Being geek is good, but don’t be workaholic</blockquote>
His ended his speech with,
<blockquote>Don’t just think simple, try to do little different, otherwise you will be in deadlock situation</blockquote>

Bhoj Raj sir asked a question to the speakers some questions?
<em>1. How did you manage time in between classes?</em>
–&gt;to which Binod Ranabhat answered with time management comes from own passion. Once a student enters personal to professional life, social life gets diminished. So, balance is necessary.

<em>why did Binod Ranabhat open so many companies?</em>
–&gt; he simply told that he was driven by his passion.

Bhoj Raj sir appreciated this short and sweet initiative started by Prakash Neupane. He didn’t conclude the program and said he wanted this to continue and keep going.


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