Local Users and Groups

To quickly navigate through command prompt, Go to command prompt and type lusrmgr.msc
cmd lusrmgr

Now, you can see Local Users and Groups window
local users and groups

By default there will be 3 built-in accounts Administrator, Guest and HomeGroup users:

  • Administrator – for administering accounts in computer
  • Guest – for administering guest accounts in computer
  • HomeGroup – for administering homegroup accounts to users

As u go on creating new user accounts, they will be added to the list. Every user created goes to users folder and every group created goes to groups folder. Remember that the users and groups created are for that computer, and thus its said local users and groups.

Below snapshot shows the Build-in groups as well as later added ones. For example, the group _vmware_ was added after the installation of third party software VMware Workstation.

Groups - local users and groups


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